Here are a variety of resources I have created or gathered that may help you deisgn your own program, or communicate effectively with parents and the community about your program. Feel free to use!

If you do Storytime, I’m sure you get the feeling from time to time that parents are asking this to themselves:

Why do we do Storytime, and how is it helping my child get ready for school? It’s not like you are teaching them to read, it isn’t even a real classroom.

Well, here are is a simple infographic that explains some of the ways a Storytime can help young children get ready to read and go to school. I made this with a Toddler Storytime parent in mind- what would you add for a Preschool Storytime, or another age group? Share in the comments below!

Find this on my Pintrest! 

Are you getting ready to start your very own Storytime program? Are you getting ready to take over an established program and want to make it your own? Here is some set-up information for putting together a Baby or Toddler program.

Babytime Tiempo de Bebe (3)
Download this image from my Pintrest!
Creating a Toddler Storytime (2)
This one is on Pintrest, too!

**Another reason I love using props is it is a great time to practice saying PLEASE and THANK YOU!

¿Quieres estas imágenes en español? ¡Comenta abajo! Si hay un interés, las traduzco.

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