Hola! I am a Library worker in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I L-O-V-E Spanish-Bilingual programs for young children and their families. I hope these resources can be of service to parents, educators, and other librarians who strive to serve the Spanish-speaking communty.

Hola amig@s! Yo soy una bibliotecaria ubicado en el área de la bahía de San Francisco. Trabajo cada día para apoyar educación bilingüe en mi comunidad, y quiero compartir mis recursos con el mundo. Espero que mi blog apoyare a otr@s también!


**Molly Cuentos**

Quick Bio

I was fortunate enough as a child to be able to attend a public international bilingual school in the Bay Area. Nobody in my family is multilingual, and I am not Latino or Hispanic by any means. However, due to that early bilingual education (age 5-11), and a continued effort to further my education in high school and college, I am proud to say I am an advanced Spanish speaker, nearing full fluency (feels weird to say that!).

Learning another language as a child has completely shaped who I am as a person. Beyond the obvious career and financial benefits, exposure to a different culture and peers from different backgrounds has made me a more open and compassionate human being. I am always aware that our world is shaped by the language we use, and we are therefore limited by language. I feel so blessed that my parents and community were able to give this gift to me, and even more so that I am now able to close the circle and give this experience back. The last two and a half years have not always been easy, but the resources and experience I have gathered have made me a more confident educator.

Finding resources in Spanish is HARD, especially ones that are suitable for the 0-5 set. I have scoured the internet, reached out to other educators, and developed my own material as well.

Please enjoy, and stay tuned as we come together to support each other as bilingual educators and parents!