Storytime Expectations//Guia Expectativa

Hola Storytimers!

About a year ago, I took over a long-standing Toddler Storytime program at my library. The previous instructor had been at it for 8 years, and the previous for 9 years before that. It is conceivable there are parents here who attended this program one instructor before me! It can be alot of pressure when stepping into big shoes.

As you could probably guess from this blog, I care deeply about creating accessible and cultural competent programming at public libraries. Many parts of the United States can not truly be considered monolingual. Especially where I live and work. Less than 30% of the population of my city is white (non-Latino), and the two most popular languages spoken here are Spanish and Cantonese. We have also had an influx in Arabic-speaking families, and we have a sizeable Ethiopian community as well.

When I look out at my Storytime crowd, I see an America I am proud of.

I also see a number of confused faces because I only two out of probably 5 or 6 languages parents understand!

These two posters, plus another in Chinese (I have been told is not a great translation so holding out for another translator!) became an effective way to communicate expectations without laying down the law, and with visual representations speakers of other languages could intuit.

Within 2 weeks of having these up behind me, parents no longer fought over chairs, or plopped their 18 month old in the front and walked to the back. The expectation was clear- sit with your little one. Have fun!

Taking a walk out the door when a little one is crying…this one is still hard. But I do feel that has improved as well.

These images are courtesy of Arthur Bond and Amy Holland of the Irondequoit Library.


¡Hola amigos!

Quería compartir un recurso que construí para aumentar participación de padres durante mi programa de cuentacuentos para niños de 12 meses- 36 meses.

Imagenes son de reconocimiento at Arthur Bond y Amy Holland de Irondequoit Library.

Comment: What are your Storytime guidelines and how do you communicate them with families? What about when you have a multilingual crowd?

Comenta: Como comunicas expectaciones a padres durante tus programas? Como comunicas cuando hay un comunidad multilingüe?

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